Artisanal Soap

Our natural soaps are made in an artisanal way through the ancestral process of saponification.  Each soap is made manually so each product is unique and special.  Thanks to this artisanal process and using the best natural raw materials, we achieve a high quality and environmentally friendly product, personally focusing on every detail throughout the manufacturing process.

Land of Nature

We are an organisation that works in harmony with human beings and the environment in search of social and environmental balance.

What do we do?

At Land of Nature, we are dedicated to offering services and products with a social and environmental impact. We ensure that our work and our ways of working are always based on respect and dignity towards people and nature.

As a first step, we have developed a line of natural and artisanal liquid soaps that do not contain synthetic derivatives and thus have a more positive impact on the environment. We are developing these products with a zero kilometres philosophy, striving to source most of our raw materials from local producers and some national suppliers; thus, we support the local economy.

  How do we do it?

At Land of Nature, we know that it is important to help each other, so, as far as possible, we are building a team made up of diverse people with different characteristics and needs. We actively seek to hire those who do not have a stable job and those who are part of a vulnerable group.


In the performance of our activities, we attempt to carry out important processes in a manual and non-automated way. Therefore, our products are handmade, fulfilling our commitment to create sources of work.


At Land of Nature, we work in harmony with nature, provide services and products with social and environmental responsibility, and protect the most vulnerable to create a positive impact on the world.


At Land of Nature, we are creating social and environmental change so that human beings and nature live in harmony. Our efforts are focused on making people aware that it is possible to have a positive impact on the environment through the services and products offered by companies.

The South African concept of Ubuntu refers to a person being a person because of others. At Land of Nature, we feel that to generate a real impact on the world, we all have to work together towards the same aim.

The first product we have created following this philosophy is called Ubuntu Liquid, as we have worked in unison to achieve this.