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At Land of Nature we are dedicated to offering services and products with social and environmental impact. We ensure that our work and our way of working are always based on respect and dignity between people and their impact on nature. As a first step, we have developed a line of artisanal liquid soaps with more than 99% ingredients of natural origin, which has a more positive impact on the environment. We try to develop these products with the KM0 philosophy, so we strive to ensure that the majority of our raw materials are obtained from local producers and some national suppliers; In this way, we support the local economy.


At Land of Nature we know that it is important to help each other, so, as much as possible, we try to ensure that our team is made up of a diversity of people with different characteristics and needs. Likewise, we seek to hire those who do not have a stable job or are part of a vulnerable group. In the exercise of our activities, we try to carry out important processes in a manual and not automated way. Therefore, our products are handmade to fulfill our commitment to creating sources of work.



Carlos Saiz Perez

+34 951 480 771

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Carlos Saiz lived in London where he had the idea of making bars of soap in order to raise funds for the city's homeless people. Although this initiative did not materialize, when in the middle of the pandemic he decided to move to Andalusia, he was clear that he wanted to create a sustainable company and provide quality employment in the region. A few months later, “Land of Nature” was born in Marbella, the artisanal natural cosmetics and detergent company based on the “zero kilometer” philosophy and with minimal environmental impact.

Our team

Diversification. Dedication. Sustainability. 

Our multidisciplinary team fuses knowledge from various disciplines to create hygiene products, bringing science and nature to the service of your well-being.

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